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Dock Management Products

Our dedicated dock products team has decades of experience in selecting, installing and maintaining the solutions you need to start saving money and protecting the condition of your warehouse today.


  Cost-saving dock seal solutions eliminate gaps and leaks for energy savings and precise temperature control in climate managed buildings. We offer options like foam or inflated seals, automatic height adjusting roof seals and truck shelters.

  Available in a range of materials to match you application and budget , these seals place almost no force on building walls and work with concrete, brick/cinder block or corrugated steel construction. 


  Laminated or molded rubber dock bumpers absorb the impact of trucks and trailers, are weather resistant and maintenance free and prevent damage to both equipment and loading docks. 

  Made with either laminated rubber impregnated fabric pads bolted between steel angles or mold poured rubber, bumpers can be customized in sizes to suit any dock use scenario. With concrete anchors or welded application, bumpers can also be integrated into dock levellers for greater strength and equipment lifespan.

Levellers and Scissor Lifts

  Our push button operated hydraulic mechanism lifts and levellers feature superior seal, safety and design. They are compatible with three or single phase power and have an open design for easy service.

  Hydraulic dock levellers offer top quality finish and easy operation with features like the full height pinch guard skirts, a mechanically activated ramp lip and an integrated maintenance strut. The unique subframe design eliminates the traditional welded plate shims used in installation, preventing damage and deformation over the life of the unit.  

  Skirted for safety, hydraulic vertical scissor lifts can convert entry level warehouses to accept large volume complete skid, crate and coffin shipments. They eliminate the labour of hand unloading and insure shipments remain complete on arrival, as well as increase safety by replacing unreliable lift gates. Other applications include internal product movement for multi-height facilities and reducing the need for forklifts and pickers.


For information on any of our dock and entry products and services, please call 250-388-4123 (Toll Free 1-800-964-1281) or by email at sales@matthewsdisplay.com