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File Storage Solutions

Options for storage, security and space optimization

Compact and Moving Aisle Storage


 Our compact file storage solutions will allow you increase
 capacity up to 70% using existing space. From lateral sliding
 in one, two or three row deep configurations to a full moving
 aisle system, mobile systems can be configured to increase
 your current storage capacity or shrink the amount of space
 required for existing records.
  To ensure universal access rolling units have drive options
 from manual to mechanical to electrically driven and controlled.
 They feature safety measures including drive locks,
 autolocking mechanical systems, electronic sensors and
 angled ramps to eliminate tripping hazards. Designs are
 customized to fit your exact requirements and integrate into
 your existing shelving to lower costs.



   Secure locking options allow you to control
restricted access using products such as locking
drive handles and foot barlocks to keep unit closed,
tambour rolling doors on individual bays, or locking
doors per shelf level.



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