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Racking Systems Products

Carton Flow

  Similar in function to push back or pallet flow racking but specialized for individual units, Carton Flow increases picking speed and efficiency. Carton Flow offer advantages over traditional selective racking in decreased manpower, better product organization and ensuring proper product rotation. Carton Flow can replace or integrate into traditional racking systems.  


  Save time and labour with a preloaded, inclined lane roller system moving cartons and boxes to the line automatically, keeping product selection accessible at every stage of the picking process and smoothing the flow of work. Savings are also found in equipment and maintenance costs with reduced reliance on motorized lifts and pickers to move material.


To find out how we can help you make your best design using Carton Flow or any other rack technologies please contact us at sales@matthewsdisplay.com or by phone at 250-388-4123 (Toll Free 1-800-964-1281)